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Everything you need to know

Parent Help
Parent help is essential for the smooth running of the Crèche.  We ask parents (or the child's grandparents, relatives or caregivers) to sign up for one parent help per term for each weekly session the child attends, i.e. if your child attends two sessions per week, we ask that you help out at the Crèche twice a term.  

When on parent help duty you will be expected to complete tasks such as preparing the tables for children's morning tea, and lunch, assisting with washing hands and helping children with their lunch boxes
 so that the teachers are able to concentrate on the supervision and teaching of the children.

At Epsom Community Crèche we emphasise the importance of our relationship with parents and families.  Because of this we benefit from a supportive community of families who enhance our Crèche in a unique way.

A roster is made available prior to each new term for parents to indicate the sessions that they are able to help.  If you are unable to help on session, another option is to join our parent/teacher run Committee - if you attend meetings and help out with Committee activities, you are not required to parent help. 

Our children definitely benefit from seeing their parents involvement and interest in the Crèche.

Why get involved?

  1. Parent involvement creates an opportunity for you to see your child in the Crèche environment, and share and support the experiences that have become part of your child’s life at Epsom Community Crèche.

  2. Parent involvement is an opportunity for you to learn more about and better understand the programme at Epsom Community Crèche.

  3. Parent involvement is an opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress with our teaching staff.

Notify Crèche of Absence – please text - 022 129 5331
Our mobile phone number is above.  We would like to encourage all our parents and whanau to use our mobile phone as the first point of contact to let us know of a last minute absence.  Please text in to notify Debbie, Anna or Roz if your child will be absent for a session or if you are running late for drop off or pick up.  Text are the easiest way for us to check for absences and respond if needed while we are in session.  Please be aware that we will text families whose children are due in session and we have not heard from you and your child is not here by 10am.  This is so that we can confirm everything is okay.  You can still email for absences that you know about in advance.  If you have any questions about this please talk with Debbie, Anna and Roz.  The mobile will also be used for Crèche excursions.

Leaving Epsom Community Crèche
Please complete the 'Leaving Advice Form' further down the page. Please note that if you give less than two weeks’ notice, you automatically forfeit the bond refund.

Helping Your Child Settle In
We welcome parents to attend sessions and expect that you will stay with your child until you and we feel they are happy and settled.  This initial settling process is vital and the time it takes varies from child to child.  We also appreciate it if you can spend a short while at the start of each session settling your child into play.  You are welcome to join us in songs and music at the end of the session.

What Does My Child Need For Each Session?
Please ensure that your child has a named bag containing:

  • A change of clothes (please name all clothes, hats and bags)

  • A named lunch box and water bottle with healthy food choices for morning tea and lunch 

(In keeping with our obligation to promote healthy food choices please do not bring any sweets or chocolate to Crèche)

  • A named sunhat (please pre-apply sunscreen (SPF 15+) in summer)

  • Gumboots in the winter

Who Can Collect My Child?
On the Enrolment Form you listed specific persons authorised to collect your child, and anyone who may not. Government regulations require you to give written notification should you wish any other person to collect your child.  We are sure you will appreciate the need to comply on this matter.

Epsom Community Crèche is a non-profit organization. We receive some government funding, but largely rely on the parent fees each term.  Fundraising activities are planned several times a year to fund particular projects, equipment purchases and upgrades, etc.

Government regulations require us to see your child's immunisation record at enrolment, and to record details from it.  Please bring this record along at the start of the first session.

Children with severe colds, diarrhoea, vomiting or infectious diseases must not attend Crèche.  Sick children will not benefit from attending, and we are obliged to prevent the spread of infection to other children.  Please notify Crèche teachers if your child is unwell and unable to attend.  The Crèche teachers reserve the right to ask parents to take visibly unwell children home.

In a medical emergency, your child will be taken to the nearest medical centre. You will be contacted immediately, so please ensure that you sign in for each session, and leave a contact number.  Your child's doctor will not ordinarily be contacted.  The Crèche has first-aid trained teachers, and a first aid kit for the treatment of minor injuries.


Grants and Sponsors

We are fortunate in New Zealand that the government provides funding to help cover our teachers’ salaries and some of the general day-to-day running costs of our Crèche.  Session fees, community grants and fundraising are necessary to provide a higher standard to resources to maintain and replace equipment and materials, develop grounds and buildings, and continue the high standards that we are so proud of.  Fundraising activities are held throughout the year and the teachers and Epsom Community Creche Management Committee work hard at making these relevant, interesting and fun.

Some of our successful  fundraising events have included:

  • Samosa sales

  • Raffles

  • Fotoman (family portraits)

  • The Christmas Heirloom Decoration Night

  • Practical Parenting Evening

  • Teeny Tot Tiles

  • Bunnings Mt Roskill Sausage Sizzle

  • ​Rialto Movie Nights



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